VIDEO: FOX station in NYC airs feature on raw milk.

May 10, 2012 | 
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On this blog, I often emphasize the overwhelming bias of the mainstream media in favor of conventional views of nutrition and industrial foods.  Despite this emphasis, my position has always acknowledged that good people do work in the media, and those people often try their best to publish truthful information.  As a result, even with the strong pro-industrial agenda of the mainstream media as a whole, truth will occasionally get through.

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And so, on May 8, 2012, the local Fox station in New York City aired a feature on raw milk, its increasing popularity, its healthful benefits, and the government’s efforts to suppress it.  Unlike other mainstream media coverage of the raw milk issue, this feature treats the pro-raw milk position very fairly.

News stories like this seem to be increasing in frequency, which will not only educate more people about the movement for raw milk, food freedom, and a return to traditional ways of eating.  It also indicates that the current movement is gaining steam!

Take a look.  Watch the video by clicking HERE.



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